Dizzily, months passed by as I was consumed and anxiously searching for my 2018 victory word and personal battlecry. I started my searching last October while on a week long vacation with a dear friend, Jeanne.

Mid October, we headed to Massachusetts. I searched for “my word” during the long winding trip, in silence, in shadow, in sunlight, noontime and midnight. At the beach, sitting in the late night fog surrounded by the shadows of Scituate, Massachusetts lighthouse, I searched. In the mid day, searching at the Eric Carle museum. The concern of not having my battlecry word was interwoven throughout this entire trip. In the beating of the thunderous waves, the groaning winds whipping on the house, yet the battle cry word eluded me. “My word” search became slippery as a silver moonbeam dancing in the night waters.

Back home, during the month of November, I was often in the uncanny whirl of vertigo staggering about as if I had taken in a bit too much adult libation. The whirl continued on into December. Then I found myself a slave to the unmerciful forces of the flu. However, in the back of my mind, the infernal search for “my word” continued. My search was on, both night and day.

In late November I received marvelous news! I was informed by a well known eye surgeon, an eye muscle surgery could relieve me both of long-term double vision, which had troubled me for over eight years and the stuporous and debilitating effects of vertigo that seized me much like a thief in the middle of the night. I saw my surgeon late November and before I left his office, my surgery was scheduled for late January. I felt like I was being given a miraculous blessing which would lead to new explorations and new life. I wept with joy!

As December gave way to January, suddenly I received “my victory word” and battle cry of 2018, vibrancy.


  • The state of being full of energy and life.

The surgery was successful and healing continues. I am no longer suffering with double vision or find myself enveloped in the throes of vertigo. New life has been granted me. Vibrancy fills my body, mind and soul!

What is your word for 2018?

If you haven’t chosen a battle cry word for this year, I challenge you to buckle up, adventure out and find your word!

Having your own special word for this year will help anchor you in the chaos of life. It will help you maintain calm as you focus on the beauty and truth of your word.

Your word will become a star in the sky for you, a guiding light, a beacon of hope shining out to you when all else seems dark. Only in darkness can light shine at its brightest!

Please leave a comment with your word. I would be honoured if you choose to share why you chose your word.

Wishing you calm out of chaos ~ Susan